Our Philosophy

Our founding principle is the “triple bottom line” which comprises of -

  1. the Customer
  2. the Community
  3. the Environment

At every step in our ethical value chain, we seek to satisfy the needs of the above three.

Dedication to our customers

We recognise the need of our customers to know that the product they are sourcing is produced in an ethically sound and environmentally responsible method. To this end we are proud to promote our works with the community and the technology we use to achieve the best product. We have an uncompromising approach in ensuring that we meet our customers' expectations. We aspire to become the benchmark for quality of CO2 extracts in the world.

Social Responsibility

Our company supports ethical trade practices improving the lives of the local community, through education, training and skillful employment.

Gramtarang Foods belongs to the parent group of companies:

Environmental Conscientiousness

Even as a new company we take our responsibility towards our environment very seriously. At every step in our process we endeavour to minimise our foot print on our sorrounding environment.

The 'clean' technology (CO2 extraction) we utilise to create our products uses recycled CO2 gas which has no harmful impact on the environment. This is naturally aligned with one of our core values of caring for our environment.

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